privacy powered vps

State of the art control panel

Manage everything you need about your services in our modern control panel

Modern dashboard

See all your servers, volumes as well as wallet credit and last transactions at a glance in your dashboard.

Wallet topup and transactions

Topup your wallet and browse the history of your wallet transactions.

Orders and invoices

Browse and search through all your orders and upcoming and past invoices as well as details for each of them.

Server management and graphs

Explore your servers statistics such as CPU load, Disk throughput, Disk IOPS, Network Traffic and Network PPS.


Enable daily backups for your VPS and restore previous state of your server from one of your last 7 backups.

Extra IPs and reverse DNS

Order Extra IPv4 or Ipv6 and customize their reverse DNS.

Extra volumes

Setup extra volume up to 10TB and mount it to any of your VPS in the same datacenter.

Manual ISO installation

Browse through our large list of ISO and manually install your favorite operating system.

Access your control panel here: