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VPS Plans

Intel1 x Intel® Xeon® Gold
2 GB20 GB20 TB€5.49/mo

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AMD EPYC 2nd Gen2 x AMD EPYC 2nd Gen
2 GB40 GB20 TB€7.49/mo

7,49Order now

Intel2 x Intel® Xeon® Gold 4 GB40 GB20 TB€9.99/mo

9,99Order now

AMD EPYC 2nd Gen3 x AMD EPYC 2nd Gen
4 GB80 GB20 TB€13.99/mo

13,99Order now

Intel2 x Intel® Xeon® Gold
8 GB80 GB20 TB€16.99/mo

16,99Order now

AMD EPYC 2nd Gen4 x AMD EPYC 2nd Gen8 GB160 GB20 TB€19.99/mo

19,99Order now

Intel4 x Intel® Xeon® Gold
16 GB160 GB20 TB€25.49/mo

25,49Order now

AMD EPYC 2nd Gen8 x AMD EPYC 2nd Gen
16 GB240 GB20 TB€34.99/mo

34,99Order now

Intel8 x Intel® Xeon® Gold
32 GB240 GB20 TB€44.99/mo

44,99Order now

AMD EPYC 2nd Gen16 x AMD EPYC 2nd Gen32 GB360 GB20 TB€69.99/mo

69,99Order now

Stay safe

All our VPS plans includes DDOS protection!

OS images

  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Fedora 36
  • Debian 11
  • Debian 10
  • Centos Stream 9
  • Centos Stream 8
  • Centos 7
Rocky Linux
  • Rocky Linux 9
  • Rocky Linux 8
You can choose your OS during the checkout process.


  • Germany – Nuremberg
  • Germany – Falkenstein
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • USA – Ashburn, VA

You can choose your datacenter during the checkout process.
* Ashburn datacenter is subject to availability.

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