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Discover affordable, Anonymous Arm VPS hosting solutions with Servers.Guru.

Our privacy-first Arm VPS services prioritize your privacy, require no personal information, and accept crypto payments. Enjoy reliable, secure, and scalable hosting deployed in minutes.

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VPS Plans

All our VPS plans come with a 10Gbp/s connection, DDOS protection, NVMe SSD drives, unlimited incoming bandwidth, dedicated IPv4 and Ipv6 and are deployed within minutes!

vCPUVCPU ramRAM SSDSSD BandwidthBandwidth PricePricing
1 month free for 1 year order
ampere altra 2 x Ampere® Altra® 4 GB 40 GB NVMe
out: 20 TB
in: unlimited
€5.99/mo €71.88 €65.89/Year

5,99Order now

ampere altra 4 x Ampere® Altra® 8 GB 80 GB NVMe
out: 20 TB
in: unlimited
€11.99/mo€143.88 €131.89/Year

11,99Order now

ampere altra 8 x Ampere® Altra® 16 GB 160 GB NVMe
out: 20 TB
in: unlimited
€17.99/mo€215.88 €197.89/Year

17,99Order now

ampere altra 16 x Ampere® Altra® 32 GB 320 GB NVMe
out: 20 TB
in: unlimited
€31.99/mo€383.88 €351.89/Year

31,99Order now

Linux powered

Come packaged with your favorite OS!

OS images

  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Fedora 39
  • Fedora 38
  • Debian 12
  • Debian 11
  • Centos Stream 9
  • Centos Stream 8
Rocky Linux
  • Rocky Linux 9
  • Rocky Linux 8
Anonymous arm vps with almaLinux
  • AlmaLinux 9
  • AlmaLinux 8

You can choose your OS during the checkout process.


  • Germany – Nuremberg
  • Germany – Falkenstein
  • Finland – Helsinki
* ARM vps are currently not available in the US datacenters (Ashburn and Hillsboro)

Need more?

All our plans can be extended with extra storage, backups and extra ip addresses!
We also provide popular apps as images to be easily installed on your vps.


extra storage vps nvme
  • Extra NVMe storage for €0.08/GB per Month
extra ip address vps
  • Extra Ip(s) adress(es) for Ipv4: €4.50/Mo
  • Ipv6: €1.50/Mo
daily backup vps
  • Daily backups starting at €2.50/Mo*
extra storage vps nvme
  • Snapshots starting at €0.90/Mo*
Add-ons can be ordered from your customer area.
* Backup and Snapshot prices depends on your VPS plan

App images

wordpress vps
  • WordPress
gitlab vps
  • Gitlab
prometeus, grafana vps
  • Prometheus-Grafana
nextcloud vps
  • Nextcloud
docker vps
  • Docker (Community edition)
wireguard vpn vps
  • Wireguard
Add much more! All app images can be rebuilt on your vps from its rebuild menu on your customer area

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